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International Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting Service

Select Domain Name registration from 900+ CCTLD & GTLD Extensions - Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting Service Worldwide

Quadra InfoTech is a fast growing Domain Name Registration and Web Hosting service provider offering Domain Name Registration service for 900+ CCTLD & GTLD Extensions. We offer largest Domain Name Registration Portfolio Management Service under one roof. We also provide Web Hosting space as well.
13.95 USD
for 1 Year
9.99 USD
for 1 Year
11.99 USD
for 1 Year
2.75 USD
for 1 Year
45.00 USD
for 1 Year
10.99 USD
for 1 Year
11.29 USD
for 1 Year
10.45 USD
for 1 Year
Top Selling Domain Registration
Top Selling Domain Registration
Country Ext 1 Year 2 Year
Arab Emirates .ae 59.00 USD 115.64 USD
Canada .ca 25.95 USD 50.86 USD
Chinese Simplified for Network .cn 29.99 USD 58.78 USD
India .co.in 15.95 USD 31.26 USD
Australia .com.au 69.00 USD
Mexico .com.mx 24.99 USD 48.98 USD
Hong Kong .hk 29.00 USD 78.00 USD
India .in 7.00 USD 33.22 USD
British Indian Ocean Territory .io 88.00 USD
South Korea .kr 50.00 USD 98.00 USD
Philippines .ph 54.00 USD 105.84 USD
Poland .pl 29.95 USD 58.70 USD
PRO Domains .pro 2.75 USD 39.10 USD
Russia .ru 12.95 USD
Taiwan .tw 33.00 USD 64.68 USD